Our Journey...


Co-Owners - Louise - The Sweetologist and Nathan - The Gumballogist are The Plural Entrepreneurals and High School Sweethearts!


For decades, we have been entertaining and providing fun & sweets to generations of fun-loving customers. With the onset of the 2020 pandemic, we closed our 43-year-old business in Denver - Lollipop Park Indoor Amusement Park, formerly Funtastic Fun, formerly Physical Whimsical. During that difficult time the entire world focused on cleanliness; making all of us aware of germs and how our food was handled safely. And for that reason, our Eye Candy Frame is going to change the world; or at least bring entertainment, fun and sweetness to you, your family and friends' lives all while keeping your favorite treats safe in a sanitary treat dispenser.

Tired of the open candy dishes where people put their grubby hands in over and over again and the treats are covered in dirt, dust and bacteria? Our Eye Candy Frame is a completely sealed reengineered and redesigned classic gumball dispenser frame made with ABS food grade safe plastic which reduces contamination of your favorite treats.  

The Eye Candy Frame, an amazing functional 3D artwork, is easy to fill, clean and use. Just fill the Eye Candy Frame with treats under 1/2" such as gumballs, candy, all kinds of nuts (no shells or seeds), even dry dog & cat treats! Then with just one turn of the knob your mouth-watering treat falls into your hand! Simply hang this amazing 3D Eye Candy Frame artwork on any wall or stand it on a table, desk or shelf for all to enjoy!

We truly appreciate all of our Kickstarter backers and our customers who pre-ordered their Eye Candy Frames from the very beginning. Please join us and all of our Eye Candy Frame fans on this sweet and fun journey!

We just returned from the Las Vegas ASD Marketplace wholesale convention! It was a very successful convention, adding several new wholesale accounts and creating new friendships! Thank you to all our new retail stores and welcome to the Eye Candy Frame community!