Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dimensions of the Eye Candy Frame?
Answer: 12" x 2" x 15"
2. How do I clean my Eye Candy Frame?
Answer: Cleaning the inside of your Eye Candy Frame is very easy! Simply open the backside fill hole and run hot water & mild dish soap through the frame for a minute or so.  Rinse thoroughly then air dry completely for about 24 hours. The front 3D globe and outside frame can be cleaned with a paper towel and hot water. Do NOT use ammonia based or harsh chemicals on the clear plexiglass or plastic frame as these chemicals will discolor and cloud the Eye Candy Frame.
3. How many treats does the Eye Candy Frame hold? 
Answer: The Eye Candy Frame holds approximately 4 cups or 32 ounces of your favorite treats.
4. Will the Eye Candy Frame hanging hardware and stand be included?
Answer: Yes. The hanging hardware is included in the packaging (two screws and two plastic anchors) to hang on wall in any room. Also, the Eye Candy Frame is manufactured with a built-in stand to stand on a table, desk or shelf.
5. Do I have to put the Eye Candy Frame together?
Answer: No. The Eye Candy Frame comes completely put together ready for you to fill with your favorite treat, hang on a wall or stand on a table. Just turn the knob and your mouth-watering treats fall into your hand.
6. What size treats can I put in the Eye Candy Frame?
Answer: The Eye Candy Frame dispenses under 1/2" treats such as candy, gumballs, nuts (no shells), dry dog & cat treats, etc.